What jewelry to wear with a black maxi dress…

It’s a truth universally acknowledged there is nothing quite as classy and sophisticated as a black maxi dress. And nothing quite as hard-working, either. The black maxi dress is a staple, signature piece in every woman’s wardrobe for a reason. One of the best things about the infamous black maxi dress is the fact that it acts as the perfect foundation to any look, and can be dressed up or down with just a few simple accessories.

A black maxi is perfect for trying out those brand new stilettos or the new designer clutch bag we’ve been saving up for – after all, what doesn’t go with a black dress?  As great as shoes and handbags are though, we all know that the jewelry is what really makes or breaks the outfit.

Jewelry is what transforms our look, gives us confidence, and makes us feel like a million dollars on the inside and the outside. The jewelry is what determines whether the outfit is “hanging out with your female friends”, “an important business lunch with the boss” or “anniversary dinner with the man in your life”.   

We love making a statement, so we adore it when our girlfriends get together for a catch up. It’s the perfect occasion to test out a bold, chunky necklace with a hint of color on it. It’s a great way to add a subtle pop of color in an otherwise monochrome ensemble. Obviously the necklace will match perfectly with the clutch bag and stilettos, and obviously the girls will notice right away and compliment accordingly. Necklaces are our go-to piece of jewelry when wearing a matching black hijab, as it really will stand out and command all the focus!

Since chokers are totally en vogue right now, a chunky gold choker is another excellent accessory for a plain black maxi dress. If the dress is on the high-necked side, we might even forgo the necklace and instead, opt for some simple yet stunning colorful earrings.  Again, the more attention-grabbing, the better. We love spending the evening with our girl friends, as it means we can express ourselves with our sartorial choices – choices which would otherwise go unnoticed and unappreciated in other environments.

Cut to an anniversary dinner with the husband, and the aesthetics are all different. We all know that men don’t view fashion in the same way as women, so the brand new, sparkly Christian Louboutin heels and quirky Vivienne Westwood clutch would essentially be wasted. The same goes for jewelry. We would suggest keeping things simple as far as jewelry is concerned when out with the other half.

A simple pendant works wonders in the neck department, although we would add some bedazzling chandelier earrings to dangle effortlessly from our ears and add some sparkle. Nothing frames a face quite like some long, crystal earrings.  Besides, you don’t want to turn up with “too much” jewelry, otherwise he won’t feel the need to buy you more. And if we learnt anything from the late Elizabeth Taylor, it’s that women can never have enough jewelry.

Bracelets are another hard-working piece of jewelry that can be worn for all kinds of occasions. Chunky, bold and on-trend for people who appreciate fashion – we are obsessed with cuffs right now – and something in the tennis bracelet category for those who have a more timeless and understated view. The best thing about wearing a black dress is that every single piece of jewelry will match effortlessly.

And of course it goes without saying that you have to keep things classy and understated in the office environment – a cute set of stud earrings and a medium-sized watch (to show you are always conscious of the time) are perfect for a professional appearance.


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