Re-Imagine Monday Blues

Everyone expresses their Monday Blues in different ways! So immerse yourself in a world where Mondays are the perfect excuse to create beautiful blue Mod Mode styles. Mondays no longer have to be a day of dread but rather a day to look forward to for planning out the best takes to modest fashion. Here at Mod Mode we like to offer insight to modest fashion trends that can be used to create different and unique styles.

Don’t know where to begin? Start by being subtle! If blue isn’t a go-to color then don’t feel pressured to overdo it. Add blue to any look with a small accessory like the necklace pictured below. Rarely feeling blue? Small pieces like this are the perfect addition to any wardrobe.


Thinking that maybe the blue necklace just isn’t enough? Amp it up with a statement piece like a blue scarf! It shows strong attention to detail when planning an outfit by mindfully choosing which accessory will match best. With either hints of blue in the scarf or an entirely blue piece it is bound to make a statement!


Feeling playful? These are some examples of scarves you can find at Mod Mode. The flowers with hints of blue and green are playful and flirty, our all blue scarf rocks a stellar Monday Blues statement and the camouflage scarf gives a sense of fierceness and mystery. 

Want to make a statement without accessorizing? Deliver a daring look with a pop of color in this stylish jumpsuit available online and in stores. This quality fabric and vivid pattern shows the vibrancy of this blue color and will be sure to stand out on Mondays at the office.

Give a little more of a statement with this full blue patterned pant paired with a simple yet chic tank and cardigan. Triumph over the Monday blues by embracing their beauty and taking the world by storm! A bold pattern paired with softer, neutral colors is the perfect way to stand out.

Continue to show off vibrant styles by conquering the Monday blues rain or shine! The Cardigan and Drapey Trench are sure to keep poor weather at bay while still showing color and confidence. These pieces can dress up any outfit and allows the wearer to create multiple unique outfits with just one garment!


Time to wrap it up! These blue maxi-dresses are a stylish way to imagine the Blue Man Group as fashion icons. Monday Blues don’t have to mean something sad and drab but rather they can be a new excuse to dress up and put a polished foot forward! The modest styles we have curated are for the world to take, embrace, and love!




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